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Week 19: January 18-24, 2021

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Upcoming Dates

1/18: Holiday

1/29: Student Holiday

2/12: Holiday

2/15: Student Holiday

2/19: Small Ensemble Contest / 4-7 PM / Honors Band

2/20: WGI Percussion Ensemble Recording Session / 1-2:30 PM / RHHS

COVID-19 Schedule Changes

  • The All-District Honor Band Clinic and Concert has been POSTPONED to later in the Spring pending the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Stay in Band!

Music Makes Me the Best Version of Me
Note: All videos recorded in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic

Spring Semester Remote Learner Updates

Starting this week, all Remote and Quarantined students will log on to Zoom during their band class and participate from home to earn their daily attendance.

To make the change easy to understand, please read the relevant information below:

  • In-Person Students must attend class in person. If they miss school and are not in quarantine, they are marked 'Absent.'
  • Remote+ Students must attend class in person five days a week. If they miss band class and are not in quarantine, they are marked 'Absent.'
  • Remote 100% Students must log on to Zoom using the link in Canvas during their band class and participate from home. We ask that the webcam is enabled so we can monitor your child's participation. If they do not log on to Zoom during their band class, they are marked 'Absent.'
  • Quarantined Students must log on to Zoom using the link in Canvas during their band class and participate from home. We ask that the webcam is enabled so we can monitor your child's participation. If they do not log on to Zoom during their band class, they are marked 'Unexcused Absence.'

All students who miss school for any reason are encouraged to attend band class via Zoom to prevent getting behind and participate in UIL/Spring contests.


  • In-Person and Remote+ students will participate in UIL and other Spring Contests
  • Remote 100% students will NOT participate in UIL and other Spring Contests
  • Quarantined students may participate in UIL and Other Spring Contests depending on their normal status (In-Person or Remote+) and the duration/timing of the quarantine. These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Honors and Symphonic band students who are In-Person or Remote+ are also required to attend weekly sectionals in person. Students in these bands who are Remote 100% or Quarantined must participate in weekly sectionals via Zoom.

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Band Class Times

For students attending class via Zoom, we encourage logging on 2-3 minutes before the start of band class.

After logging on, turn on the video and mute the microphone. We encourage the use of headphones or powered speakers.

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T3 Recording Assignments

All Honors, Symphonic, and Concert Band students have weekly recording assignments due in Canvas.

Percussion students have received their assignments from Mr. Kosterman.

Honors Band students received their T3 objective sheet last week and have already had several assignments due. A copy of their Objective sheet is linked below.

Symphonic Band and Concert Band 1 students will receive their T3 objective sheets this week and will have their first assignments due this weekend.

When in doubt, check Canvas! Assignments are posted clearly and can be accessed from the front page of every band Canvas course. Due dates and instructions are also clearly indicated.

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Jazz Band Corner

The next jazz band rehearsal is this Friday, January 22nd.

Students should practice their Jazz music between now and the next rehearsal. Also, students have been invited to a Canvas course specific to Jazz Band. Please make sure your child has accepted the course invitation.

Jazz Band rehearsals will be each Friday starting at 4:00 PM in the Cain Band hall.

  • Jazz 1 & 2 will rehearse combined until 4:30 PM
  • Jazz 1 will continue rehearsal until 5:30 PM

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Prior directly at

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Need band supplies FAST and EASY? Consider Brook Mays!

Brook Mays music store of Dallas is the official instrument supplier of the Cain Mustang Band program. We are incredibly fortunate to have the amazing and talented staff at Brook Mays on call for all of our program needs, including supplies and repairs.

This partnership also extends to ALL of our Cain Band families! If you need supplies for your child's instrument, you can easily order those items and have them brought directly to Cain Middle School at no additional cost! The process is easy:

  1. Place an order before Wednesday at 9AM
  2. Make sure to mention Cain Middle School
  3. Items will be delivered to Cain on Wednesday

If you have any questions, you can contact our Brook Mays representative, James Sky-Eagle Smith at (903) 918-2896 or

Inclement Weather Information

We always have your child's safety as our top priority! This time of year has the most significant potential for inclement weather impacting our school day.

  • If inclement weather causes a delayed start, all morning band activities (including sectionals) are canceled.
  • If Inclement weather cancels school, all morning and afternoon band activities (including sectionals) are canceled.

From time to time, we may also cancel or modify a before or after-school event within our program based on weather forecasts or safety considerations.

The best way to make sure you know if a before or after-school band activity has been modified due to weather is to:

  • Make sure you are signed up for your child's band class Remind alerts
  • Make sure you have the most accurate email address on file
  • Make sure you have followed us on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Remote+ Reminders

Students in Honors, Symphonic, and Concert Band 1 are allowed to stay remote for all of their other subjects and come up to Cain for band class in person. We call this option 'Remote+.'

For the Spring semester, students who wish to participate in UIL contest, as well as any other Spring festival must attend band class in-person five days a week.

Remote+ students enter through door #4 (band hall exterior door) by the time listed in the table below.

If you have any questions about Remote+, or you want to start sending your student to band class, please contact Mr. Ousey at

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'What should I do if my student is quarantined?'

If your child is directed to quarantine by the district or decides to self-quarantine as a precaution, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Contact your child's band director via email - do not assume we know this information
  2. Make sure your child has their instrument and band binder, and make arrangements to pick up those items from school if they do not
  3. Make sure your child logs on to Zoom via the link in Canvas daily and participates in class for the duration of their quarantine
  4. Students in Honors and Symphonic bands must attend sectionals online via Zoom. The links can be accessed inside the band Canvas page in the 'Zoom Phonebook' link.
  5. Only consider cleaning or sanitizing the instrument if your child shows symptoms; if so, PLEASE follow the link below for cleaning your child's instrument SAFELY
Click here to enroll your child in Private Lessons!

Since lessons are virtual, they can start at any time, even before the first day of school! Sign up today before spots run out!

Instrument Supply Lists with Links

Click the button above for our official list of supplies for each instrument with Amazon links. Contact your child's band director if you have any questions.

Visit the band website!

The latest news, calendar, and information about the Mighty Mustang Band.

Contact the Mustang Band

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us! We will make every effort to return your call or email within 24 hours.

Band Hall Hours

  • M-F: 7AM - 5:30PM

The Cain Mustang Band is a PROUD feeder of the Rockwall-Heath Mighty Hawk Band!

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