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Week 14: November 30 - December 6, 2020

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A quick note from Mr. Ousey:

Thank you for your patience with this week's Memo! We were awaiting confirmation of final details regarding our upcoming Winter Concert, which was approved late Tuesday. Rather than send inaccurate information, we decided to withhold sending the Memo until those details were confirmed. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility!

Upcoming Dates

12/4: Band Shirt Orders Due

12/8: Concert Band 1 & 2 Rehearsal 4-5 PM @ Cain

12/9: Symphonic Band Rehearsal 4-5 PM @ Cain

12/10: Honors Band Rehearsal 4:00 - 5:30 PM @ Cain

12/11: Cain Band Winter Concert @ RHHS Performing Arts Center

12/16 - 12/18: Early Release

12/21: Winter Break Begins

Morning procedures have returned to normal! The Band Hall door (#3) will remain open after 7:30 AM. Remote+ students no longer need a temperature check.

Band Shirts Order - due FRIDAY, 12/4

This week is the only week to order your child’s REQUIRED band t-shirt and formal shirt. To start the process, please visit the following website:

As a reminder:

  • All band students are required to purchase a purple band t-shirt
  • All Honors and Symphonic band students are also required to purchase a black formal shirt
  • Students in 8th grade do not need to order new shirts UNLESS they are missing one of the shirts mentioned above or they no longer fit

The band t-shirt is $17 and the formal shirt is $30. These costs are separate and not part of the band fee paid at the beginning of the year.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact your child’s band director.

The deadline to order all shirts is this Friday, December 4th!

Order Band Shirts

Click above to order the band t-shirt and/or formal shirt.

Winter Concert Attire

For the Winter Concert (and all concerts thereafter,) there is a required uniform for band students.

Concert Band 1 & 2 students will wear the informal band uniform, which includes:

  • Purple band t-shirt (see order information above)
  • Blue jeans (no holes, no designs, no other colors)
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes, flats, etc.)

Honors and Symphonic Band students will wear the formal band uniform, which includes:

  • Formal button-down shirt (see order information above)
  • Black undershirt (if worn)
  • Black dress pants
  • Black belt (if worn)
  • Black socks (if worn)
  • Black dress shoes (NO heels, open-toe shoes, or tennis shoes - FLATS are OK!)

Additionally, here are some do's and don'ts for the formal uniform:

  • DO NOT wear a white or colored undershirt
  • DO NOT wear white or non-black socks
  • DO NOT wear jeans or black denim
  • DO NOT wear leggings or legging-like material
  • DO NOT wear tennis shoes, boots, heels, wedges, sandals, or any other non-formal shoe
  • DO NOT wear excessive jewelry (girls only - boys are not allowed any jewelry)
  • DO wear socks that come up past the ankle and will not show skin when seated
  • DO wear pants with an appropriate hem length so they do not rise too much when seated
  • DO wear hair back (if it is long)

Below is a picture of appropriate formal outfits. Thank you to Edan and Jennifer for letting us use them as an example!

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Winter Concert Dress Rehearsals

Next week, we will have after-school rehearsals to allow our Remote students a chance to play with the band and our percussion students to play on full-sized equipment before the winter concert.

  • Concert Band 1 & 2 rehearsal will be Tuesday, 12/8 from 4-5 PM at Cain
  • Symphonic Band rehearsal will be Wednesday, 12/9 from 4-5 PM at Cain
  • Honor Band rehearsal will be Thursday, 12/10 from 4:00 - 5:30 PM at Cain

In-person students should report to the band hall immediately after school to drop off their belongings before heading to the Library for rehearsal.

Remote students are required to attend in order to perform at the Winter Concert. Please enter through the band hall door (#3) upon arrival. Please wear a mask when entering. If your child does not have a band mask, we will give them one upon arrival.

As with any band event after school, all students are excused from athletic practices and/or club meetings.

If your child will be unable to attend for any reason, please contact your child's band director.

To accommodate these rehearsals, there will be no before or after school sectionals the week of December 7-11.

Winter Concert

Friday, Dec. 11th, 6:30pm

801 Laurence Drive

Rockwall, TX

We are excited to present our Winter Concert next Friday, December 11th!

Information will be sent home with students in class this week. A copy of the student logistics sheet has also been attached to this email.

Due to COVID-19, specific rules and procedures will be followed to ensure the safety of all performers and guests. Details on those procedures for audience members will be communicated via the Memo, email, and our social media next week. The concert will also be live-streamed!


  • Concert Band 1 & 2 Call Time: 6:00 PM in the RHHS Band Hall
  • Concert Band 1 & 2 Concert Time: 6:30 PM in the RHHS Performing Arts Center
  • Symphonic Band Call Time: 7:00 PM in the RHHS Band Hall
  • Symphonic Band Concert Time: 7:30 PM in the RHHS Performing Arts Center
  • Honors Band Call Time: 8:00 PM in the RHHS Band Hall
  • Honors Band Concert Time: 8:30 PM in the RHHS Performing Arts Center

Additional information has been sent to band families via email and will be covered in all band classes this week. A copy of the student logistics sheet is below, as well as a map of where to go at RHHS.

The students have been working incredibly hard through some challenging situations. We look forward to presenting our Winter Concert for our entire band family in a safe manner next week!

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'What should I do if my student is quarantined?'

If your child is directed to quarantine by the district or decides to self-quarantine as a precaution, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Contact your child's band director via email so we can add your child to the 'remote' section of their band's Canvas course - do not assume we know this information
  2. Make sure your child has their instrument and band binder, and make arrangements to pick up those items from school if they do not
  3. Make sure your child completes the daily attendance checks via Canvas for the duration of their quarantine
  4. Students in Honors and Symphonic bands must attend sectionals online via Zoom. The links can be accessed inside the band Canvas page in the 'Zoom Phonebook' link.
  5. Only consider cleaning or sanitizing the instrument if your child shows symptoms; if so, PLEASE follow the link below for cleaning your child's instrument SAFELY

All Remote and Quarantined students MUST do a daily attendance check in Canvas to receive attendance credit for each day.

Quarantined students in Honors and Symphonic bands are still required to attend sectionals via Zoom.

Remote+ Reminder

All Honors, Symphonic, and Concert Band 1 students have the additional option of participating in Remote+ for their band class.

Students in the above-mentioned band classes are allowed to stay remote for all of their other subjects and come up to Cain for band class in person.

We strongly recommend this option to every family who has the means necessary to do so.

As we approach the end of the semester, additional requirements will be placed on students who are not in-person or Remote+ in order to participate in All-District Auditions, All-Region Auditions, Fall Concert, and Winter Concert.

If you have any questions about Remote+, or you want to start sending your student to band class, please contact Mr. Ousey at

You do not have to wait to start Remote+! You can start Remote+ for band at ANY time - just let us know in advance!

Remote+ Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times

All Remote+ students should be dropped off and picked up by door #3 in the front circle.
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Since lessons are virtual, they can start at any time, even before the first day of school! Sign up today before spots run out!

Instrument Supply Lists with Links

Click the button above for our official list of supplies for each instrument with Amazon links. Contact your child's band director if you have any questions.

Visit the band website!

The latest news, calendar, and information about the Mighty Mustang Band.

Contact the Mustang Band

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us! We will make every effort to return your call or email within 24 hours.

Band Hall Hours

  • M-F: 7AM - 5:30PM

The Cain Mustang Band is a PROUD feeder of the Rockwall-Heath Mighty Hawk Band!

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